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Are you friends with your own mind? Exploring the art of self conversation

    Session Title: Are you friends with your own mind? Exploring the art of self conversation
    Speaker: Nikhil Mehta, Dr., UNC Greensboro
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    Session description: Renowned psychiatrist Carl Jung said, “Only the paradox comes anywhere near to comprehending the fullness of life.” Our society is slowly becoming more and more aware of myriad paradoxes or conflicting tensions in our lives. In my research, I have interviewed senior executives to better understand how they reconcile conflicting tensions in their professional roles. Although my research involves senior business executives, the message of this research is applicable to everyone. We all face conflicting tensions in our personal and professional roles, which causes misalignment between our personal self and our professional self. Our success, whether short-term (such as daily productivity) or long-term (achieving personal and professional goals), depends significantly on our ability to align our personal and professional self by reconciling the underlying tensions. In my presentation, I will discuss how to reconcile such conflicting tensions by developing the art and skill of self-conversation. I will also discuss how developing this skill could help us reduce stress, promote wellness, and over time, bring us to a state of friendship with our minds.

    Bio: Nikhil Mehta is an Assistant Professor of Information Systems at Bryan School of Business and Economics at the University of North Carolina Greensboro. Nikhil has a PhD in Management of Information Technology and Innovation from Auburn University. Nikhil’s research has been published in leading journals of the field and presented at conferences worldwide.