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Assessing Wellness and Well-being In Children and Adolescents

    Assessing wellness and well-being in children and adolescents

    Session Title: Assessing wellness and wellbeing in children and adolescents
    ​Speaker: Robert Martin, Professor, Azusa Pacific University
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    Session Description: Wellness and wellbeing are disciplines that are growing in popularity in schools. School psychologists and mental health professionals have instruments available to assess children and adolescents in these areas. The results from these assessments are discussed with the parents and educators of the student. It has, however, been a very difficult field of study for parents and educators to understand. It is often viewed as too overwhelming and too complex to grasp. The purposes of this presentation are to help parents and educators understand the information that comes from these wellness and wellbeing assessment reports and to apply that knowledge to assist in planning appropriate supports for the child or adolescent.

    Bio: Robert Martin, PhD is a Professor and the Coordinator of the fieldwork/internship program in the Department of School Counseling and School Psychology at Azusa Pacific University in the United States of America. He has credentials in school psychology, school counselling, child welfare and attendance, and school social work. He is a licensed educational psychologist and is a diplomat in the American Board of School Neuro-psychology. He likes to travel and is a regular speaker at conferences around the world. Dr Martin has lectured in Portugal, Canada, Ireland, Malta, Holland, Greece, Ethiopia, China, Chile, Brazil, Ecuador, Denmark, the United States of America, and Kyrgyzstan on topics related to counselling, psychology and leadership. He has a clinical practice conducting psycho-educational assessments for children with disabilities. He is bilingual in English/Spanish. He loves spending time with his daughter, training in martial arts (Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu), and following football.