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How A Life Centered On Health and Wellness Provides A Life Like No Other

    How a life centered on health and wellness provides a life like no other

    Session Title: Life by Design: How a life centered on health and wellness provides a life like no other
    Speaker: Shay Eskew, Ironman, Author, Healthcare Strategist, Motivational Speaker
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    Session description: Most of us spend more time planning our vacation than we do our life. What if we had the same focus on creating a life of health and wellness? It’s one thing to visit Nice, France but another to bike the Tour De France course there. Shay shares how a focus on health and wellness creates a life by design, where the impossible is just a matter of creating daily intentional actions. Shay will share how this mindset is transformative professionally, personally, and spiritually, and how this lifestyle allowed him to go from learning how to walk again to crossing 42 IRONMAN finish lines and becoming the top 1% in business and sports. For more information about his speech, please feel free to watch.

    Bio: Shay is an All American / IRONMAN All World ranked IRONMAN triathlete, Healthcare RCM strategist, former black bear researcher, burn survivor with scars over 65% of his body, motivational speaker and best-selling author of “What the Fire Ignited”. At the age of 8, Shay was set afire by a neighbour’s child and credited with saving the life of his 7-year-old friend. Despite being told he’d never play sports again, enduring over 40 surgeries the last 39 years, Shay is a 42x IRONMAN/IRONMAN 70.3 athlete, 4x member of Team USA, ranked top 1% of IRONMAN worldwide past 6 years, and has competed in 14 triathlons World Championships in 10 countries on 6 continents, including the IRONMAN World Championships in Kona, Hawaii (competed at the 2021 IRONMAN Israel inaugural race in Tiberias, Israel). In 2019, Shay was inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame under the Medal of Courage designation and into the McEachern High School Athletic Hall of Fame. Equally impressive, Shay is the proud father of 5 kids under 16. If you would like to connect with him, please feel free to visit his LinkedIn page. For more information about him, please click here.