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How To Create Happier People

    How to create happier people

    Session Title: How to create happier people
    ​Speaker: Sara Lezcano-Mujica, M. Psych, University of Salamanca
    ​Watch the session:

    Session description: Wellness, quality of life, satisfaction, subjective wellbeing, and health, are more or less quantifiable and measurable constructs, but what about happiness? Is this also an intangible concept that is too abstract or complex? During this presentation, we will go cover three main points that I consider highly important in our personal journey towards happiness:

    1. Happiness is more than the sum of its parts and consciousness plays a key role in it.
    2. We are not genetically doomed to illness, and, in the same fashion, we are not doomed to unhappiness.
    3. Creating happiness begins the moment we are born.​

    Bio: First and foremost, I am the proud mother of three amazing and happy children. I had completed my studies in Clinical Psychology, which included a fulfilling semester in Paris, before I became a mother. Upon becoming a mother, I was quickly immersed in the study of obstetric violence, Primal Health, and early stimulation while trying to be the best mother and professional possible. I have a passion for communicating, which led to many years of teaching and also to an interest in writing poetry and fiction. I was born and raised in Spain, but I now live with my family in the United States, which is where I resumed my PhD in education in 2021.