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Lifestyle Medicine for the Brain: Lifestyle Medicine with Brain Health and Performance in Mind

    Session Title: Lifestyle Medicine for the Brain: Lifestyle Medicine with Brain Health and Performance in Mind
    Speaker: Sharon Wasserstrom, Physician, University of Central Florida
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    Short description: Using a coach approach, Dr. Wasserstrom will spend forty focused minutes about brain health and performance in mind.

    Bio: Sharon Wasserstrom is a physician practicing medicine for the past twenty-two years. She has always practiced Internal medicine with a focus on prevention and further improved her technique by becoming board certified in Lifestyle Medine in 2017. Dr Wasserstrom gained her knowledge of food as medicine after completing coursework in Nutrition for the health care professional at Columbia University, Plant Based Nutrition Certificate at eCornell and T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies and Culinary Rx via Rouxbe Online Cooking School. Currently , at University of Central Florida Health she is helping coach patients to optimize their daily lifestyle choices for the purpose of prevention, treatment and sometimes reversal of chronic diseases. In addition, she is educating future physicians at University of Central Florida College of medicine regarding the benefits of lifestyle medicine and how to assess a patient’s lifestyle and then coach their patients to make powerful lifestyle modifications. As the director of the longitudinal curricular theme in Lifestyle Medine, culinary medicine and lifestyle medicine electives she has enriched and continues to innovate the curriculum of UCF College of Medicine to expose our future health care professionals to lifestyle medicine. As the medical director of her local community’s comprehensive fitness center, Lake Nona Performance Club she is providing expertise to guide in the programming to optimize her community’s wellness through group and individualized programs. She also has been involved in lifestyle research studies and serves on the Scientific Advisory Board for the Lake Nona Life Project which is a longitudinal study investigating lifestyle behaviors through a long-term health study. Traditionally, the focus of a healthy lifestyle has been promoted for its benefits for heart disease and metabolic diseases and through years of practicing lifestyle medicine patients who have improved their lifestyle for these reasons have inadvertently improved their brain health.