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Social-emotional learning: Utilization of mind-body activities in the meetings

    Session Title: Social-emotional learning: Utilization of mind-body activities in the meetings
    ​Speaker: Chia-Liang Dai, Assistant Professor, University of Nevada Las Vegas
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    Session description: Perceived anxiety and stress is the top predicament to personal and professional development; however, there is a lack of training on the social emotional learning that cultivates skills and competences advancing individuals’ wellness and development. The presentation will include what and how various mind-body activities were implemented including guided mindfulness meditation, walking meditation, yoga or tai-chi movement, art journaling, and music writing in the beginning or in the middle of each meeting or daily life. The intention of this practice is to guide individuals to familiarize themselves with the importance of self-awareness, learn hands-on activities to manage stress, and create a respectful dynamic by cultivating individuals’ contemplative mind. Evidence of this practice benefiting wellness has been observed by formal assessment (e.g., evaluations), and informal assessments (e.g., reflection papers, email communications, early term/mid term evaluations). Several mind-body activities that can be practiced by oneself and incorporated in various settings and daily life will be introduced.

    Bio: Dr. Dai is an assistant professor of Health Education at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. His interdisciplinary background includes Health Promotion and Education, Counselor Education, Public and Community Health, and Teacher Preparation. He is also an active Certified Health Education Specialist registered with the National Commission of Health Education Credentialing. His practical experiences include being the school teacher, sports team coach, school psychologist, military mental health counselor, and yoga and fitness instructor. His research focuses on applying integrative health approaches (especially in yoga and meditation) to promote healthy weight, mental health, substance abuse prevention, and other healthy behaviors for our community members. He is also interested in examining the association between family factors/cultural factors and risky behaviors.