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The Future of Mental Well-Being At Work Is Found In 3 Words

    The future of mental well-being at work is found in 3 words

    Session Title: The future of mental wellbeing at work is found in 3 words
    ​Speaker: Lane Wakefield, Clinical Assistant Professor / Founder, Baylor University / OrgaMental
    ​Watch the session:

    Session description: There is usually one leader in any organization who sees value in improving mental wellbeing. They know the value of mental wellbeing to the organization’s success. They see value in apps, speakers, employee assistance programs (EAPs), conferences, trainings, and more. This leader typically faces two big problems. First, they can face resistance when asking for a larger budget. Second, it is hard to know how impactful each program is in improving mental wellbeing. Solving those problems are the way into the future. This presentation includes insights into how to solve those problems using an understanding of three words. Leaders in mental wellbeing can leave the presentation with a roadmap for how to justify bigger budgets and spend them effectively. Rather than relying on conjecture, the presentation includes how leaders in a different industry used the same three words to solve the same problems.

    Bio: Lane’s research has been published in leading marketing journals, such as the Journal of Advertising, Journal of Advertising Research, Journal of Service Research, Journal of Interactive Marketing and Sport Management Review. He’s also spent several years with Wakefield Research Partners, a consultancy that works with iconic brands (Green Bay Packers, Jockey, USAA and Space Center Houston) to measure the impact of partnership marketing. Recently, he founded OrgaMental to adapt his marketing research expertise to mental well-being.