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Session Title: The ROI of sleep – Unlocking the power of sleep
Speaker: Devin Burke, Founder, Sleep Science Academy
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Session description: When it comes to having extraordinary health and living our best life there is one key element overlooked: Sleep. Through science and stories, Sleep Science and Performance Coach Devin Burke teaches us how sleep can be a catalyst for positive action, creativity, innovation, personal growth, and happiness. Sleep is the key to becoming more resilient to stress, thinking clearer, moving and eating better, and bringing our best selves to the world. Through unlocking the power of sleep we can generate more energy to contribute more, perform better, and make a bigger difference. In this program about harnessing and unlocking the power of sleep, Devin Burke, backed by a decade of psychological research, shares insights about how sleep is a key to optimal health and performance. You will learn how sleep actually helps us thrive and how to get better quality sleep. Through this program, you’ll find specific actionable strategies to sleep better to give your participants, company, organization a competitive advantage at work and in life. Learning points:

✔️ Discover how sleep can increase happiness, promote weight loss, and decrease stress

✔️ Learn how sleep affects cognitive performance, innovation and creativity

✔️ Discover the 5 keys to unlocking your best night’s rest.

Bio:  Devin Burke is an international and TEDx speaker, the bestselling author of “The Sleep Advantage,” the founder of Sleep Science Academy, and one of the top health and sleep coaches in the world. His books, keynotes, programs and videos have inspired thousands of people to improve their sleep, energy, and life.