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Session Title: Lifestyle Medicine for the Brain VI. Stress Resilience With Brain Health and Performance in Mind
Speaker: Shelley Carson, Lecturer, Harvard University
Watch the session:

Short description: Using a coach approach, Dr. Carson will spend forty focused minutes on ways to assess, train, monitor, and sustain brain health, fitness and performance through building resilience to stress. 

Bio: Dr. Shelley Carson received her Ph.D. in psychology from Harvard University in 2001, where she continues to conduct research, teach, and advise undergraduates. Her research on creativity, psychopathology, and resilience has been widely published in both national and international scientific journals, and her findings have been featured on the Discovery Channel, CNN, NPR, the BBC, and Radio Free Europe. In addition, Dr. Carson’s work has been noted in magazines such as Newsweek, Scientific American, and Psychology Today.