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Session Title: Micromoments Matter: Cultivating Connection Through a Micromoments Mindset
Speaker: Cindy Chou, Founder & CEO, Micromoments Institute
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Session description: Over the past two years, the importance of well-being has become more apparent than ever before, as the typical spectrum of human emotions and experiences has only been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been a season of great change and uncertainty for our country and our world. In the context of an unprecedented pandemic with unscripted rules, gaining tools for autonomy, choice, and connection is more important than ever. This talk will provide a framework for individuals to gain access to the tools to feel more present, autonomous, and well. You will learn the science and mechanisms behind a micromoments mindset and utilize awareness practices under the PEACE framework to increase well-being individually and with each other. Through the PEACE framework—Pause, Explore, Accept, Choose, and Enter into the next moment—you will get started on the path to developing tools for mindful mental and physiological well-being. There will be interactive and embodied exercises weaved throughout to keep you inspired and engaged. You will learn practices that will allow them to return to your daily lives and integrate the new information, experience, and inspiration individually and collectively.

Bio: Cindy Chou, MAPP, RYT-500, is a speaker, facilitator, coach, and CEO & Founder of Micromoments Institute. She was built to thrive in some of the world’s fastest cities: Taipei, Hong Kong, San Francisco, London, and New York. As a global citizen, the universal truths of being human, connection, and love are the pillars of what drives her and her desire to make her life’s work bringing well-being to people’s lives at scale. Cindy earned her Master’s in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, where she studied the science of well-being with the founder of the field, Dr. Martin Seligman. Through this experience, she became passionate about the use of Positive Psychology to enable organizations and individuals to thrive. Her master’s thesis, “Micromoments Matter: Finding Agency and Connection Through a Micromoments Mindset,” can be found on Scholarly Commons.