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Session Title: The Secrets of Wellness
Speaker: Pei Lin (Perri) He, Postgraduate Student, City University of Macau
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Short description: Within the social science realm, people pay more and more attention to wellness. Healthy living has become a hot topic. The speaker introduces the definition, types and importance of wellness in life, and then introduces a variety of ways to maintain a healthy life. First, wellness can be divided into three categories: physical, mental, and moral. Different focuses on wellness will have different importance to peoples’ lives. For example, for personal reasons, having a healthy body will make you feel better. For your career, you can work better and improve your work efficiency. For families, they can better maintain their family relationships. Six healthy keywords are introduced, including sport, vegetarianism, good mood, releasing stress, good sleep, and balance. These six key words can summarize peoples’ daily diet, mentality, and daily state of rest. In daily life, exercise is essential. Proper exercise is beneficial to physical and mental health. After exercise, the brain releases dopamine, which make people feel happy. They can have a better mood, making people feel relaxed and reduce stress. Healthy eating habits can better regulate our physical condition. Eating more vegetables and fruits is beneficial for intestinal movement, and eating more high-fiber foods can reduce body fat to a certain extent, thus effectively reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Six actions steps to take right away are introduced to help the audience develop better life habits and live a happy and healthy life.

Bio: HE, Pei Ling (Perri) is currently studying at the City University of Macau, majoring in International Hospitality and Tourism Management. In 2021, She graduated from Zhujiang College of South China Agricultural University in Guangzhou. Her undergraduate major is business and some courses are related to management. During the winter and summer vacations, she had rich internship experiences, such as participating in new media operations and the education industry. She accumulated experiences in many walks of life and improved her interpersonal skills during her internship.