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Session Title: Maintaining your well-being and wellness is key to achieving personal long-term goals
Speaker: Penghao Felix Huang, Postgraduate Student, City University of Macau
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Short description: The pursuit of well-being enhances mental and physical health. There is plenty of research showing that well-being has an important effect on people’s overall health. Nowadays, the importance of well-being in public health is on the rise because people are supposed to feel good while pursuing health-related activities and demonstrating their commitment to personal health. Furthermore, maintaining wellness in different dimensions is beneficial for peoples’ health. What should we pay attention to ensure the realization of emotional wellness, social wellness, intellectual wellness, environmental wellness, spiritual wellness, and physical wellness to improve health is worth explaining. Besides well-being and wellness, developing favorable qualities like grit, passion, commitment, and dedication helps you achieve your long-term goals more effectively.

Bio: Penghao Huang is a master student of international hospitality and tourism management at Faculty of International Tourism and Management, City University of Macau. He is interested in urban planning and regional development, and tends to combine these aspects with tourism management. At present, his research fields are tourism planning, cultural tourism, and destination management.