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Session Title: Work is good for you
Speaker: Stuart Humphreys, Hospitality Industry Professional, Leisure Management Plus
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Session description: My presentation is about the sense of purpose many of us get from our work and the fact that it is good for our health. Work is good for our wellness and well-being. In many people’s cases, it provides a sense of purpose. For many of us, it is the very foundation of our life once we leave full-time education and it is therefore fundamental and critical to our happiness. Take it away and you could find yourself in a big black hole. Work of course can be many things. It can be a trade, a profession, a job, a vocation. A career or a series of careers. It can be being a parent or a homemaker. Our job can be being a Mother, a Father, or any of the multitude of alternates that most of us are lucky enough to go through our early years having the nurturing support of. It means all sorts of things and in my presentation, I hope to explore the subject of how and why it impacts our wellness and well being and is so important.

Bio:  My Career is in the Hospitality Industry. After graduating from the University of West London in 1972 following a 4-year course covering all aspects – 19 subjects in all – of Hotel Keeping and Catering, including periods of training and practical “hands-on” experience as part of that course, working in the industry. This included multiple spells of three months in each of the first three years as a chef, waiter (now called a server), bartender, storekeeper, F&B controller, front office receptionist and cashier, in top 4 and 5-star hotels in London England. I studied hotel and restaurant operations in the United States while working and travelling there during my vacations and worked several volunteer jobs in summer schools in the UK for underprivileged children from less well off inner London homes. Further I worked at weekends and evenings with a top chef lecturer from my Hotel School in his catering business, and with other clients where I learned about Kosher catering and industrial catering from practical hands-on experience.