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Session Title: Wellbeing in an era of despair
Speaker: Steven Kane,  Psychologist/Professor/Career & Life Coach, California Polytechnic State University
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Short description: People across the world, and North Americans in particular, live in an era of disorienting “late hyper-capitalism”.  Even with all our supposed wealth, we are some of the most lonely, depressed, and anxious people on the planet. We don’t have to live this way. Join me in a conversation about creating a lasting sense of well-being and contentment that goes beyond the conventional advice of many “happiness” pundits. As a professor, clinical psychologist, career and life coach and 12-year stage IV cancer survivor, join me for an unconventional conversation to not just feeling well, but building a lasting sense of contentment.

Bio: Dr. Steve Kane is a UCLA-trained and licensed psychologist, an award-winning professor of counseling and a certified career and life coach. He’s also a 12-year survivor of stage IV cancer and has learned a thing or two about wellness and staying sane in a chaotic world. For more information, see: