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Session Title: Becoming teacher with heart and sense of well-being: The power of inter-narrative in professional development
Speaker: Ted Yu-Chung Liu, Professor, National Pingtung University 
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Short description: With my experience of being teacher educator for 18 years at university, I found that teachers’ own schooling experience have a profound impact at the imagination of good teacher and the duty of being teacher at school. To be aware of such impact and unfolding the reflection and self-dialogue is crucial to cultivate our good teachers. In order to evoke such process of reconstruction and awareness, our teacher education programme requests more than professional competencies but the cultivation of continuous dialogues with one’s previous experiences and constant becoming of self-actualization. Here the power of inter-narrative can reveal the potential to serve as the great idea for a more truthfulness and meaningful activity for teacher professional development. I would like to share our experience about the changes that the process of inter-narrative could bring about individually and collectively and how to help to reshape the imagination of good teacher for pre-service teachers through inter-narrative.

Bio: Ted Yu-Chung Liu (Ph.D., University of East Anglia, U.K.) is an Associate Professor, at National Pingtung University, Taiwan, and was a visiting scholar at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, U.S.A. He is the holder of the Oversea Researcher Students Awards UK, National Science Council (NSC) Outstanding Specialty Award 2011 2014, Teaching Excellence Award at National Pingtung University of Education 2011. He is particularly interested in Foucaultian and Deleuzain thinking and implications, philosophy of curriculum, critical pedagogy, and Culture Studies in education. Current research interests mainly include on the methodological issues of Narrative Enquiry, the epistemological issues of Entrepreneurial Learning, and the ontological issues of entrepreneurs’ subjectivity and identity. He joined Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britian (PESGB), Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia (PESA) and has published many articles and books both in English and Chinese.