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Session Title: Yoga: The tool for harmonizing the self and the globe
Speaker: Ramachandran Rajaraman, Dr., Annamalai University
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Session description: Swami Jnaneshwara Bharati and Paramahansa Yoganandha have described precisely the word “Yoga” means “Union or Oneness” is derived from the English word Yoke which means engage oneself in a self-training programme and it also means union of one with God or Union of ego-self, very little, with the infinite spirit, namely. the Divine-self. Yoga in Sanskrit is “Yuj” which is directly related to the word “Samadhi”-transcendent realization of the highest truth.

  1. Hatha Yoga is different which deals with different postures whereas Yoga deals with spiritual discipline.
  2. It has also been stated that Yoga is certainly not a system of some beliefs. It brings mutual harmony between body and mind.
  3. A mind cannot concentrate owing to many factors, including tension illness, loss of energy and prevention of energy flowing to the brain, as a result of these the energy in the body gets weakened or paralyzed by destructive harmful emotions. Hence, the primary function of yoga is to deal with energy in the body through the science of pranayama, which means breadth-control.

Bio: Dr. Ramachandran is a world renowned researcher and faculty serving as Associate Professor of Commerce in Annamalai University, Annamalai Nagar, and Chidambaram Tamil Nadu India. He served with 31 years of Teaching cum Research in various Institutions apart from the Present. To his credit, he wrote 3 text books and 3 reference books, 2 study materials of various Universities in India. Life member in 8 Academic Associations and Editorial Advisory Member nearly, 25 and 12 research papers are reviewed at global and national level .Ten research scholars Ph.D. research programs and Three are undergoing their process doing research work in various Universities in India. He has been awarded Academic Professional Award recently by American College Dubai and GISR and bagged many more awards to 18 in academic bodies and forums. He visited to South Africa, Namibia, Thailand, Bangladesh and Nepal for Academic Conference, Besides, he published 98 research papers in web of science, Scopus UGC Care and Peer reviewed journals and also attended more than 142 conferences at International and National level. Workshop and Short term FDP 30, He gave 67 Lectures by offline and through virtual mode 8 as Key Note/ Special address in academic platforms at Global and National level. During Pandemic Covid-19, 220 Webinars attended at National and International Level. 11 Quiz programs also done at National level. He also organized National level Seminar and Webinar. To his credit, the research gate score is 4.28 with citations of 40, 30,614 readers of research articles with an interest of 87.8 with the mark of 03 H Index. He is an Associate ship member of UGC-IUC-IIAS, India for Humanities and Social Sciences. His specialization is Global Business, Overseas Financing, International Economics and Financial Services.