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Session Title: Mental well-being ideas for teachers and beyond
Speaker: Li Ping (Leah) Wu, Postgraduate Student, City University of Macau
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Short description: When we talk about wellness, we do not just talk about physical well-being, people are paying more attention to mental well-being now. As for mental well-being, it seems that most people pay more attention to the physical and mental well-being of children, but ignore the physical and mental well-being of teachers. So on the subject of teachers’ physical and mental well-being, I would like to elaborate in more detail. First, influences on teachers’ mental well-being comes from all aspects, including students, parents, leaders, and even colleagues. According to many studies, about 45 percent of teachers have poor mental well-being. This is associated with a number of factors, such as lethargy, sleepiness, and irritability. Therefore, the question of how to maintain teachers’ mental health is very important. Developing mindfulness is the main idea I will focus on. In this presentation, teachers can learn how to maintain mental well-being, and identify specific strategies to help teachers improve their mental well-being.

Bio: WU, Li Ping (Leah) is currently studying in the Master’s degree program of International Tourism Hospitality and Management at the City University of Macau. In 2021, she graduated from the Service Industry Management program at the City University of Macau. In 2020, her first internship was as an admissions receptionist at a university in China for three months. In 2021, she worked for China Construction Bank in Jiangxi province for four months. During her undergraduate years, she participated in various volunteer organizations in school and in the community. During the Pandemic, Leah assisted communities in epidemic prevention and control work.